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WC2 Street Art Today Good Friday 12

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Space Invader – Invader in London found 9th March 2012 near Shoreditch

Posted on March 13, 2012

I found this Invader by French Street Artist Space Invader near Shoreditch (union walk). Found Friday 9th March 2012. Have not seen this one pictured and not sure when it was put up. – enjoy Ripley

Space Invader "Invader" London

Space Invader “Invader” London

C215 and Ozmo in Cargo Bar/Club Shoreditch London

Posted on March 12, 2012

As well as the Banksy His masters voice in Cargo Bar/Club Shoreditch London is two pieces by C215 and Ozmo, taken on Friday 9th March 2012 – enjoy Ripley


ozmo cargo shoreditch

c215 in cargo shoreditch

Street Art spotting London March 2012 – Featured Artist – Banksy

Posted on March 12, 2012

Managed to locate 3 Banksy’s on my London trip all behind perspex (Photos taken by myself March 2012) – Enjoy Ripley

Walking the dog (Location is The Grove, London)

Walking the Dog - Banksy

Walking the Dog – Banksy

Banksy TOX (TOX is a London tagger who is now in prison for tagging/bombing London with tox over a number of years) This piece is under perspex but the plastic has been pierced and black spray used to deface the piece (prob by Team Robbo) Located Jefferies Street Camden, London


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