Retro Pink Floyd’s Nick Mason saves Foote’s music store

Pink Floyd’s drummer saves his old drum shop Foote’s of London

When Stella Wilson the owner of Foote’s music store, contacted me in a spin having been let down by her trusty signwriter (no names but hey it’s tempting!), I was in a real quandary – with 3 days to go how could I pull off a 4 day gild job?

Well she’s a sarf Lundun gewl and an absolute darlin’ how could I say no to herand Nick Mason

The artwork was very cool and the outline went on into the wee hours of Monday and with a shove and gritted determination the gilding distressed really well, allowing the back up and varnish to go on with 20 minutes to spare.


Set out over two floors the ground floor opens up with brass to the left and a superb display of 50 violins on the right with skylights flooding the percussion and superb double bass (I want one) area.  The cymbal racks and drum department is in the cool spacious basement gallery which feels really energised and intense.

Asking Rob how it was all feeling being a proud shop owner ”It’s got such a history… and this is a lovely street.  It’s been a big effort but now we have it here it’s a great feeling.”

The Champagne tasted fantastic and the opening was a blast!  Best of luck to all at Foote’s and by the flood of customers this week (it is a stunning venue – with some truly great workshops planned) am sure it will enjoy a huge success and inspire generations to come.

As for me… just picked up my first Ukulele ready for a custom hand painted motif or two!

Nick Garrett


Pink Floyd’s drummer steps in to save his old drum shop

– last updated Wed 19 Dec 2012

Nick Mason (right) bought his first drum kit at Foote’s in 1958 for £7.50. Photo: ITN


The drummer of the legendary band Pink Floyd has stepped in to save the music shop where he bought his first drum kit. Nick Mason provided necessary funding for Foote’s to stop it from going out of business.


Foote’s has just moved to a new store in Bloomsbury. Credit: ITN

 Photo: done

Nick spoke to Lucrezia Millarini about his memories of the store and why he decided to help.



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