Cafe sign … With Jam and bread

With Jam and Bread Lee London… Just done.  

London sign-writer Nik G

With Jam and Bread signwriting by Nick Garrett London

Client Jennie Milsom was delighted with this sign I just finished, written in quite difficult circumstances… next door boasts a large refurb development and my work today coincided as you can see, with the paint removal by jet blasting. So between intermittent gusts of generator diesel, wind, spray and a heavy soaked tarpaulin, work was dead easy!

Nik G

The tarp attack! Lee High Rd - Nick Garrett Signs

Anyhow the process involved sharp render of the helvetica light condensed secondary text and a chalk effect, dithered edge on the main letters. This chalk edge was created by applying first coat marble white slightly rough, second coat brown background fidgeting in sensations from original artwork and finally returning to the marble white dry brush touching in delicate distressed edges.

The last touch was to go around stippling with the marble white any edges that needed final diffusing.

Starting at 9am and finishing at 4 in fading light it was a full day and great result.

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