Hello nut boxers

Signs straight out the Nut Box

What the? Nut box signs? Well yer because it seems mad in this digi day ‘n age climbing up a ladder brush in hand, but people love it and so do I… Making something by hand that actually speaks … The hand conveys emotion and messages.

My work has always had an enormously positive effect on my client business because when I write I visualise… I visualise what the business wants to say… what it does… this embeds in the letters codes of communication.

That is what vinyl lettering is bad for you!  They say nothing.

It barely mentions who you are and what you do.

For what it is it is expensive too.

A great sign is never prosaic: it informs, talks, chats, whispers, sings and sells.

I remember putting a freshly cut-in sandwich board outside my studio in south London and it changed my trading with constant traffic… 20% more doorstep biz in the first week!

Nut Box but true!


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